Coyotes At Cook Meadow


On Dec 16, 2014, I arrived to Yosemite about 5:30am, and was hoping for some morning snow. There wasn't any, and the sky was overcast with little rain showered off and on. I drove around the valley, and saw some places were covering up with thin blanket of snow, including Cook Meadow. 
I parked the car, rested a little bit, then took a walk in the snow, strecthed out from a long drive and enjoyed the fresh morning air. Than I saw two Coyotes was walking around, digging from snow and dry weeds, seems like they were looking for foods. I hurried back to my car and put on a 400mm lens. They were still hanging around, and didn't really care about me. With this shot, I think he was within 75 fts. 
I had seen coyotes at Yosemite many times, but every time either they were too far away, or I didn't bring my telephoto. This time, I finally got little luck with good close shots. I was pretty happy with the results, the coyotes was not being disturb, and I was not being eaten.