In The Morning At Cook Meadow


Hi everyone, today I am posting this Elm tree with Half Dome taken on my recent trip, Dec 17, 2014 at Cook Meadow. On this morning, I woke up early and went to my regular spots, but the sky was overcast. So I ended up driving around and was about to go for breakfast at Yosemite Lodge Food Court. When I passed by Cook Meadow, I saw clouds were breaking up, then I stopped here for a little while. 
Since I haven't got any photos from this spot before, I thought I should at least try one. I always love this old elm tree, but for this spot, it was backlighted in the morning. So it was almost impossible to capture one image that will have all the data and details. This image were taking with 5 images bracketing, and hand-blended them with Photoshop CC. 

Please click on the image to play in LightBox mode for better details and  resolution. Thank you for stopping by.