Happy 2015


Hello everyone, I would like to WISH every one a brand new start with success in 2015. This year was my first time to come here for the fireworks show at Embarcadero in San Francisco. I never came so close to see beautiful fireworks like tonight. Thanks to my wife, Irene, she asked me to take her out to see fireworks. I refused, but I couldn't win the battle. We left the house about 10pm and drove to Treasure Island. It was jammed, bumper to bumper, but once I got a chance, I made a U-Turn. Went back on the bridge and headed to Embarcadero. Traffic was horrible, as I mention to Irene about how this will play out every year. Until we got lucky, we found a parking lot and there was still space for parking. The cost was $25, Irene wanted to see fireworks and so do I. Unfortunately, we didn't bring enough cash and we had to dug every little changes from the car, wallets, purse, and still shorted of $5. The guy looked at us with a smile and said Happy New Year, and let us parked for $20. 

Every year's countdown here at Embarcadero were packed with people and cars, and it's always a headache trying to get here. For the past years, I rather stay home and countdown with the Tv. After tonight's experience, I might want to come back here every year.