My fall trip of 2015 to Lee Vining, California

I had been trying to get out here for so many weeks ago, but unexpected things happened week after weeks to kept me from going. Finally on the morning of October 27, 2015, I left home around 7am and started driving. After a long 8 hours drive because of road work, gas stop, rest to relieve my driving stress. Finally arrrived at June Lake Loop around 3:30pm. But all the tent campground 


on this loop were closed for the season. I tried the hotels on the loop, but all booked. Only cabins are avaible for $260 which I will not spend for a night of sleep. So I went back out on why 395 for a near by motels, but all had a sign of NO VACANCY. I kept on driving until I finally got a room at Bridgeport Inn at Bridgeport which is about an hour drive away. Checked-in around 7pm, ate dinner here which was pretty good. Then went for a hot shower, rested on bed. Took 2 ambient pills to help me fall to sleep easier which I did.

The next morning, I couldn't wake up at 5am when my alarm turned on. I was too tired  and went back to sleep.  I woke up around 7am which the sun already raised. The image above was shot around 9am on the way

back to Mono Lake on hwy 395. I was trying to find a sweet spot with all these aspen trees next to hwy 395. Made many stops and finally I think I found one. 

I went to South Tufa at about noon and it was raining on and off. Normally I do not shoot in the mid-day, with some exceptional like this. I was chasing these rainy storms across these mountains behind South Tufa. I stopped on why 120 on the way back to hwy395 for this second image below. I thought those stormy clouds were very interesting.

Finally I went back to South Tufa at around 3pm, and waited for sunset at 6:05pm. The third image below was shot 20 minutes after sunset. I was pretty happy with the result in long exposure of 8 secs to smoothing the water and the clouds. 

It was a very tired photo safari for the day, so I decided to call sick for the next day of work. Instead of driving home when I was so exhausted, I stay for another night in a near by motel.