On The Edge Of Glacier


Glacier Point Of Yosemite National Park


Hi everyone, this image was taken on May 12, 2015 when my friend Minh Du asked me to go with him. We both worked the night before, and after work, we drove straight to Yosemite at around 2:30am. Wanted to do early sunrise at Glacier, but we couldn't made it. By the time we arrived at the gate, sun was about to rise. So the closest spot we could drove to was Gate Of The Valley. By the time we got there, it was kind of late, sun already up, and we missed the morning glow.

It was a long tired day for me, because I didn't get any sleep at all. Off and on I let my friend get some rest and sleep in the car, while I hike around the valley here and there with 400mm attached to my camera. Thinking I might get to take some wildlife shots, but nothing. Then we went up to Washburns for a few shots, and went to Glacier Point afterward. The parking lot was full, but luckily I found a spot. We went out scout around and back to the car to get some more rest. Didn't want to go any where, thinking that it might be very hard to find parking by sunset. It was very windy and chill. We planned to stay for sunset at Glacier Point which was at 8pm.

We both started to go out there about 6:30pm, take shots here and there. For me I love this spot, so I got there and locked the spot down with my tripod at about 7pm. People went up and down to this edge of this stone cliff. I told my friend Minh that I want to get a shot of myself on the edge. Minh said, "Joseph, don't gamble with your life. It's too dangerous." I agreed, and stay off.

By sunset, sky started to change colors, yellow and pinkish. People still going up and down those cliffs. Then there's a young couple, maybe at there early twenties. Stood next to me, and the guy just ran up to the edge of this stone. Her girlfriend took shots for him. So I offered her that I can take pictures for them if she likes to go up there too. She happily handed over her camera, and went up to her boyfriend. After taking pictures for them, I thought to myself, if a little girl can do this, I could do. And this might be a good shot for my website cover page. So I set my camera to how I liked, and said to Minh, " Hey, I am gonna go up to the edge. Please click my camera for me." Minh said, " Joseph, I am not gonna let you do that. And I don't want to click for you." I ignore what he said, carefully and slowly walked to the edge. Minh had no choice, but to help me click.

Want to know what I said when I was up there? I said, " YEAH!!!" While Minh was clicking. But my legs was shaking up when I was looking down! After I came back down, my heart was still PUMPING fast and hard! Honestly, this is really a stupid move. I DO NOT recommended any one to try.

Thank you all for stopping by.