Aloe Vera Flower Bud

Vera Bud


For the first time in 10 years, we finally got some flower buds with our aloe plant in the backyard. A total of 8 buds, some are bigger than other. 

This image was taken in natural sunlight with a C-PL on a 180mm macro lens. 8 different focus stacks to merge into photoshop for post processing.


Again, in natural lightning. With soft side light and a sweet spot for a natural dark background with no flash. This image looks very much like image taken in a studio with flashlight. 

Aloe Vera Rembrandt

A C-PL added to 180mm lens to increase color saturation and decrease any chances of glares on the shining area.

This one looks like it's ready to bloom. I can see those stems are reaching out. I guess if the next few days with good quality sunlight, this will be the first to bloom. Can't wait to see...

Aloe Vera