A Walk In Mill Valley


Finally after the rain stopped around 11am, I drove to Mill Valley to check out the water flow on this Cascade Falls. I knew it's gonna be good after so much rain for the last few days. As soon as I took the exit, it started to shower and rain off and on. So I went for a coffee and had breakfast.

After an hour of waiting for the rain to stopped which still was showering, I just went and took a look at the falls anyway. The water flow was strong, looking beautifully. I couldn't wait for the rain to stop anymore. The only problem was I forgot my towel that was supposedly in my backpack all the time. My camera and lens are getting pretty wet. I had no choice but to took off my top and used it to wiped dry my camera and lens.

Cascade Falls

Anselmo Creek

I thought I was the only one around with this kind of the weather, but I was wrong. I felt so embarrass when all the sudden two ladies came behind me. They properly thinking I must be crazy to take my top off in a wet day like this. Only took me less than seconds, my top was back on. My camera and lens are back into my backpack also.

I got back into my Suv and waited again. After 15 mins or so, there'sno more rain or shower. Still very dangerous because it's very muddy and slippery. I took a look around the opposite side of the trailhead. I just love those green mossy rocks and the strong streams of the water was really fun to photograph.


I have always love ferns, and now is the perfect time to see. Beautiful healthy greens.

Streams Crossed