Escape Into The Deep Woods

Today, Irene and I wanted to check out Cataract Falls. After a 50 mins drive or more, we came to the last 6 plus miles to the trailhead. Unfortunately, the road was closed. Due to heavy rains for the past few days, there was a landslide. We don't know how bad or when the road will be open, so we had to U-turn back. We made a restroom stop for Irene in a local market while I google for another place to explore. Because of the time and a movie we have to go to see later on, I decided to visit Dawn Falls which steps away from the town of Larkspur. A 15 mins drive from where we were. Parking was very limited, but luckily we found one very close by the trailhead.

A thriving mixed forest of moss-covered madrone, redwoods, ferns, creeks, cascading waterfall.

Top Of Dawn Falls




Storms brought rain to California at the right time, and it feels good to finally see our drought conditions improved over the last two weeks.


The trail is a 2.2 miles round-trip. Most of it was easy until the last zik zak steep stretch up to the falls. The trail was quite muddy but walkable. There's no toilets here, so make sure you use it at the town of Larkspur before you come. Dogs are welcome, so next time we can bring Nacho along too.

The sun was right above us which made it very hard to photograph. So I waited and enjoyed most of the hiking. When I got to the top of the falls, I had to dropped my backpack and tripod off right away. And sat down on any log near by, rested, and enjoy the beautiful music play by the falls.


Lower Dawn Falls