Yosemite Naional Park With Justin Ly

"Beauty Beneath" Merced River and Pohono Bridge @ 6:18pm 04/05/16


On April 5, 2016, I took my nephew "Justin" to  Yosemite National Park for 3 days and 2 nights of camping. Other than it was his spring break from school, it was also his birthday for the same week. Arrived to campground reservation at 2pm, but every campground were FULL. Justin and I was really disappointed and thought we might have to leave the park for lodging. But we got lucky and got a one night spot through waiting list for lottery picks at 3pm.

After our tent was set up, went to Half Dome Village to buy some burning woods, S'more, and hang out at the campsite for a little bit. We went to Fern Spring to get some fresh mountain spring water.  On the way, the lights underneath Pohono Bridge and the golden water reflection on Merced River caught my eyes.

"Golden Flow" Merced River beneath Pohono Bridge @ 6:29pm 04/05/16

After a so so night rested and slept, because we had to wake up early. Why?  Because we need another night to stay, so we woke up at 6am. Arrived at the campground reservation office at 6:30am to get in line for the office to open at 8am. We were the first in line, that's how bad we really wanted a campsite for another night. And we got it!!! Oh, HELL YEAH, WOO WOO!!!


"Tunnel Lights" @ 6:43pm 04/06/16


To make long story short, we moved from camp to camp. And checking out time was at 12pm, we finally arrived at Tunnel View around 3pm. The main parking lot and the one across the road was fully parked, busy day! Instead of waiting around, we decided to head down the road toward Bridalveil Fall. Drove about a mile where you can clearly see an off road path with rocks and gravel to the right which was not open for cars any more. We parked at a turnout on the left, and hiked up this off road incline slope. 

The hike wasn't as steep as the one from tunnel view parking lot, but it's a longer hike. To this spot from Tunnel View trailhead is shorter. Take the trail that begins from the south side of the road, across from the main parking lot. It is a steep 500 vertical feet to climb switchbacks for .6 mile, then take a left on the path on old Wawona Road which is to Bridalveil Fall for least than a quarter mile. From this off road path, it's roughly about 1.5 miles, but not as steep as from the parking lot. It is easier, at least it was for me.

Still more than 2 and 1/2 hours before sunset, so Justin wanted to explore around. Than we met a couple with binoculars and asked us not to make any move. I thought there's a big BEAR some where, but actually it was a mountain quail. Gabby Salazar and Rick Stanley came all the way from Maryland and hoping to find mountain quail at Yosemite. They did, and so did Justin. Gabby was so nice to let Justin used the binocular and pointed out to find where the quail was. Gabby, a photographer, speaker, naturalist, and also a writer. She photography work are beautiful, had many winning awards too. Stanley is a biologist, and both are really nice people. 


Tunnel Light @ 6:43pm 04/06/16


The four of us hang around this beautiful spot, and I believed it is call Artist's Point. While Gabby and I photographing, Stanley was doing his painting, which was perfect for the name of this spot. What a perfect match for this handsome and beautiful couple. 

Clouds comes and goes, I like to call them Ephemeral clouds. Still time before sunset, so I put on a 10 stops ND filter. To capture this beautiful view with actions clouds. 

By sunset, clouds just slowly disappeared on us. Sunlight was being block from the west side and we got nothing. After 10 minutes passed sunset, the show started slowly. We got little magenta beyond by Cloud's Rest, Half Dome, and above Bridalveil Fall to end our beautiful day. 

"Twilight Above Tunnel View" Artist's Point @ 7:34pm 04/06/16